New year, new song 😃


Cora Piantoni did a lovely video about Petty, the friendly dog living in capitalism – we hope you like it 🐶

We will play some concerts:
23.03 Control Club, Bucharest, RO
23.04 Nachtleben, Frankfurt, GER
24.04 De Gudde Wëllen, Luxembourg, LUX
25.04 Petit Bain, Paris, FR
27.04 Rich Mix, London, UK
Some more dates will follow 😃

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Lali Puna: Free about me

2014 I was asked to contribute to an art project named “Field Works”: Stuart Hyatt walked a 20 mile stretch of Washington Street in Indianapolis – recording the sound. He walked from downtown to the suburbs, from rich to poor. I immediately loved the idea to make a song out of it  This is what it sounds like:
The project was now released as record and book: – look at it, it’s wonderful!

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Hello 2018 :)

Thanks everybody who came out to the tour and listened to our songs!!
We had a wonderful time, it was a special year.
We will be back with new tourdates soon, see you then  ❤

PS: This dinosaur by David Shrigley is one of my favorite pictures.
It’s a good motto for 2018, isn’t it?

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New album “Two Windows” out now

After quite an amount of time and quite a lot of changes we are really quite – no, enormously – happy to release our new album: today ?
And we hope you like it 

We’d like to thank DntelMary LattimoreRadioactive Man and MimiCof so much for contributing!! It’s been an honor to work with you!!! Big thanks to Mario Thaler, who already produced “Scary World Theory” and “Faking The Books” and helped us on this one too. There are a whole lot of other people which we can’t name all: We are grateful!! 

Tourdates here. Stop by 

You can listen to the album here:

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Second single “The Bucket” / Album-Release in September

Here is the second single from “Two Windows”.
The album will be released on Sept 8th.

It’s a coverversion – Valerie simply chose the most masculine song in her music library. Because coverversions need to be far away, maybe even the opposite to oneself
Valerie loves the original, she’s even got the 10inch. So don’t hang her…


The video is very rough, more an idea than a full video 🙂
We thank the Prelinger Archives and

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First single “Deep Dream” / Album-Release in September

After a seven year-hiatus and after reforming the band, we are very curious – not to say nervous – how you will like the first single of the new record…
The album named “Two Windows” will be released on september 8th.



The video for “Deep Dream” was done by Lali Puna (Christian Heiß and Valerie Trebeljahr) with a little help from their friend Jacqueline Hofer, who filmed part of the material, cut it and gave helpful advice and input.

“As the song spins together the political problem of data-surveillance and the private problem of love, we thought on how to visualize it for the video. We found the perfect translation in letting an oscilloscope visualize the music. It becomes data.

And we wanted the lyrics to appear in the style of the coding language BASIC. As this language comes from a time when the internet as we know it today wasn’t invented. (Strangely Valerie had to learn BASIC as a kid in a summer course.) BASIC sort of stands for the innocence, the time when everybody still believed that the internet would make the world a better, a more democratic place. Last step was to turn Valerie into sort of a robot.”

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