A Lali Puna Mixtape

We did a mixtape. It will be, and mhh, was already aired here:

friday 16 august/saturday 10 (midnight/London time) on http://www.sinefm.com/
friday 16 august (9 pm london time) : http://www.frenchradiolondon.com/french/emissions-musicales/

In France
tuesday 13 august (10 pm/paris time) on http://www.crockradio.com/
thursday 15 august (10 pm/paris time) on http://www.jetfm.asso.fr/site/
friday 16 august (11 pm/Paris time) on http://radioprimitive.fr/
tuesday 13 august (8 pm/Paris time) on http://www.lautreradio.fr/

In Israel
sunday 11 august (5 pm/Tel Aviv Time) on http://www.106fm.co.il/In

And here is the Playlist:

Lali Puna: Cornelius: Hostile to Me-Rmx
Darkstar: A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work
CocoRosie: Far Away
The Ruby Suns: Trees Like Kids
Odd Nosdam: Untitled (1)
Bruce Haack: Rain of Earth
Broadcast: Tender Buttons
Julia Holter: In the same Room
Ela Orleans: Station in Shadows
James Pants: Clouds
Os Mutantes: Glória ao Rei dos Confins do Além
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange: Colours
Emerald Web: Flight of the Raven
TV On The Radio: Modern Romance
Baths: Loveheart
Odd Nosdam: Untitled (2)
Various Productions: Hater
Seefeel: Faults
Brenda Ray: D’Ya hear Me
Pastels / Tenniscoats: Two Sunsets


Well, we have to admit: Lali Puna did sort of a hibernation – due to other projects or simply: diapers… But with the new year we have new plans, so we will take up work again. We hope you’re still out there! Wishing you all the best for 2012, Lali Puna