Past Shows:

14.02.15 SEOUL (KR) Sangsang Madang
13.02.15 BUSAN (KR) Interplay
11.02.15 TOKYO (JP) Daikanyama
04.01.15 HAMBURG -Knust
03.01.15 BERLIN – Privatclub
02.01.15 FRANKFURT/MAIN – Das Bett
Booking: Headquarter Entertainment


    • hallo!
      seit menschgedenken habt ihr kein konzert mehr in wien gegeben.. wohl seit faking the books, doch da war ich musikalisch noch nicht geboren. ich kann mich erinnern, dass, als ihr vor etwa 3 jahren die our inventions rausgebracht habt, wir per facebook mal hin und her geschrieben haben. ich glaube, dass es damals auch um einen tourtermin in Wien gegangen ist… Da habt ihr auf den baldigen tourbeginn verwiesen, und dass ein besuch in Wien vielleicht möglich wird. in meiner ungeduld hab ich dies jedoch nicht “ganz” wahrhaben soll (dass nicht gleich und sofort), sondern vielmehr euch mitsamt der booking agency verdammt und rüde angefahren… Jedenfalls geht mir das nunmehr nicht mehr aus dem Kopf; Und seither kommt mir immer wieder der Gedanke mal endlich mit mir, meinem Gewissen, dem Schicksal und Euch klar Schiff zu machen! Ich möchte mich also in aller Ehrlichkeit für mein Verhalten damals entschuldigen. Sofern dies ob des Verdachts der Verjährung überhaupt noch möglich ist…!
      Sorry. und vielleicht schafft ihr es ja mal wirklich nach Wien!

      Im Falle, ihr nicht wisst, wovon ich rede – - macht weiter so, ihr seid GROSSartig!

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  2. Congratulations on the new album, sounds great…. hope you can make it back to Portland Oregon, loved you at the Doug Fir last time around!

  3. PLEASE come to the United States!!!! Any city. Wherever you play, we’ll go there!!!!

  4. please come to Belo Horizonte, Brazil!
    Brazil loves Lali Puna singing in portuguese!

  5. Hello,

    After the cancelled date in Paris (Furia Festival), does Lali Puna will play in Paris anyway ?? That will be nice !!

    Vielen dank fur ihre neue LP !!


  6. I am writing from Singapore. How much are the tickets for Frankfurt show, 22MAY2010? Where can I purchase the tickets?


  7. War gestern beim Konzert in Berlin, ich war total begeistert, vielen Dank für diesen großartigen Auftritt! Ich freue schon jetzt auf weitere Konzerte von Euch!

  8. war gestern auf dem konzert im ekko in utrecht/nl: kleine location, alternatives flair und unglaublich schoene musik! so wie ich euch vor gefuehlten 100 jahren im akw in wuerzburg zum ersten mal gesehen habe … nur noch besser. danke fuer den schoenen abend!

  9. I had the very good fortune to get time off work & travel down from Bath for the Brighton gig. What a marvalious gig it was, not just a promotion for the new album, but plenty of songs from the past. It was spot on & sharp but real live music & real good vocals . I didn’t realise such a mild sounding group could belt out such a big sound.

  10. WOW! I just came from your concert in Ljubljana.Beautiful music, unforgetable.Hope to hear you again sometime. All the best, Nina

  11. You guys are one of my favorite bands for years now. please try and come to nyc. your music makes me feel awesome! and if you dont come, i guess i will have to come to one of your shows in europe, and can make a trip out of it. with the highlight being your show.. i can feel the goosebumps now..
    much love.. =D

  12. Thanks for your wonderful show yesterday in Turin and for being so friendly during the meet&greet =)
    Now it’s time for a live album/dvd!

  13. Siempre recordaré las pequeñas cosas y los grandes conciertos. Os vimos en Zagreb junto a Xiu Xiu por sorpresa y nos emocionamos. Gracias

  14. Lovely concert during the Polish Off-Festival.
    I am in love with your new album, especially “Move On” – can’t stop listening after the Polish gig.
    You’re fantastic.
    Kisses and hugs.

  15. Hi…your concert in florence was just amazing…Valerie you’re so cute…see you in Brussel al Magasine 4…

  16. Your songs have such a strong atmosphere… They must be really something live! Please come to Czech Republic, Valerie ^^!

  17. Thank you so much for the great music last night in Istanbul. It was totally amazing!!! Hope to see you again soon!

  18. Will you please come to Los Angeles??!! I would love to enjoy your performance!!!! =)

  19. 24 October Amsterdam!!
    What a beautiful way to celebrate my Birthday! :D

    See you soon!

  20. We had the pleasure of seeing Lali Puna perform in Cambridge, Massachusetts a few years ago. Impatiently awaiting your return! :-)

  21. awesome gig in paris tonight, thank you guys and girl, your music is an engine for me…see you soon

  22. Please please come to Spain (Madrid)!!! I love the good music, specially the music the sound of lali Puna…It’s so so so exciting, emotional, so cool!!!

  23. Hello there! I have just noticed that your tour is missing a super important stop: ITALY! I can assure you that Bologna would be a very cool place to host one of your concerts! Just give it a thought!

  24. I met you in Napoli several years ago. you played at Neapolis festival when no one still knew you. I completely felt in love with the sound of voice of Valerie ( she signed my cd of tridecoder with a nice cartoon of her face :D and I also had a friendly speech with her)and music of LALI PUNA. so PLEASE come back to ITALY!!


  26. If youre coming to England on youre new tour extension ++++ Bristols a good city’ as you know!

  27. Please come to Brazil!! São Paulo will be more than happy to have you. Untill you do, keep us on the loop and keep up the amazing work :)


  28. please come to Japan for once, summer festivals would be the perfect venue. you are fairly well known over here. holy fuck played fuji rock in naeba in 2009, but ever since hardly a western electro-pop band touched foot on our island. please come to distract the J from its earthquake troubles.

  29. Son Increibles!!!!!
    They are amazing your music is wonderful…..Please come to Colombia, here I wait with love !!!!!

  30. I’ve just “discovered” your music, thanks to a mate on Facebook. I’m lost in your subdued, soul-melting voice, and incredible rhythms and backing sounds. Take a (small) risk, fly a long way to the other side of the planet, and see how much Melbourne, Australia loves innovative music.

  31. Hi guys

    I’m from Mexico and i’m big fan of yours, your work is AMAZING. We hope you’ll make soon our dream to see you live in Mexico.

    Thank you for the music =D

  32. Milwaukee, WI. Please come play for us. Stay with us. Dine with us.
    You are a GIANT inspiration. Never doubt yourself. Keep going. Thank You.

  33. Hello.This article was extremely remarkable, particularly because I was looking for thoughts on this issue last Saturday.

  34. Lali, Brussels please! Listening your pieces of art constantly at the office. Addicted (the latest fav “Rest Your Head”)! LW

  35. COME DOWN TO MALAYSIA!!! the weathers all warm and fuzzy!
    we’d love to throw a party for you guys!

  36. I know Peru is kind of “uh?”. But some people here love you. THANKS for your gift.

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  38. I would absolutely love to see you guys live! Lali Puna is my favorite band! I live in Texas so do a US tour!!!

  39. It would be quite an honor to have you play music in Austin, TX USA this summer or fall….or winter. Anyway, if you make it over to the USA it would be great to attend one of your shows here in Austin :)

  40. Please don’t forget about San Francisco! I have been waiting for a long long time. Too long really.

  41. Please don’t forget about San Francisco when you do decide to tour the US. Hoping it’ll happen some day soon. :)

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  43. Portland OR, checking in. please come back! i’ve been listening to you all since high school (about 15 years ago).

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