New album “Two Windows” out now

After quite an amount of time and quite a lot of changes we are really quite – no, enormously – happy to release our new album: today¬†ūüéČ
And we hope you like it 

We’d like to thank¬†Dntel,¬†Mary Lattimore,¬†Radioactive Man¬†and¬†MimiCof¬†so much for contributing!! It’s been an honor to work with you!!! Big thanks to¬†Mario Thaler, who already produced “Scary World Theory” and “Faking The Books” and helped us on this one too. There are a whole lot of other people which we can’t name all: We are grateful!!¬†

Tourdates here. Stop by 

You can listen to the album here:


  1. I’m so frickin glad you are back. I hope you are able to play some dates in the States.

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