On tour in April

We’ll be on tour very soon!! To be exact: next week 🙂
First dates: München, Verona, Roma, Bologna, Milano.
We hope to see you there!! 🙂

Photo by Patrick Morarescu

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  1. I normally live in Barcelona but right now I’m in London, doing some work and participating in some demonstrations for climate.
    Last night, I could not find sleep for a long time but eventually it came… and this morning I suddenly woke up to one of the strangest and strongest dreams I have ever remembered.

    Within that dream there was a Lali Puna concert organized in my childhood neighborhood in Paris, for most of that dream I was in a state of complete euphoria… many things happened in that dream, not all of them being fun.

    And now I am on your website realizing that you played in London last night and that i missed you! Seriously? Hahaha!
    Do you by chance have a secret thing in London today? Or maybe you’ll be running the marathon of London???

    Well if you’re still in London do not hesitate to text me (haha!) : +34 603 863 853
    or to whatsapp me: +55 219 805 77527

    PS: Have you guys heard of Extinction Rebellion?


  2. I’m coming from Australia to your Frankfurt show, to tick off a bucket list item of seeing you in concert! Please say hi to me!

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