A Lali Puna Mixtape

We did a mixtape. It will be, and mhh, was already aired here:

friday 16 august/saturday 10 (midnight/London time) on http://www.sinefm.com/
friday 16 august (9 pm london time) : http://www.frenchradiolondon.com/french/emissions-musicales/

In France
tuesday 13 august (10 pm/paris time) on http://www.crockradio.com/
thursday 15 august (10 pm/paris time) on http://www.jetfm.asso.fr/site/
friday 16 august (11 pm/Paris time) on http://radioprimitive.fr/
tuesday 13 august (8 pm/Paris time) on http://www.lautreradio.fr/

In Israel
sunday 11 august (5 pm/Tel Aviv Time) on http://www.106fm.co.il/In

And here is the Playlist:

Lali Puna: Cornelius: Hostile to Me-Rmx
Darkstar: A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work
CocoRosie: Far Away
The Ruby Suns: Trees Like Kids
Odd Nosdam: Untitled (1)
Bruce Haack: Rain of Earth
Broadcast: Tender Buttons
Julia Holter: In the same Room
Ela Orleans: Station in Shadows
James Pants: Clouds
Os Mutantes: Glória ao Rei dos Confins do Além
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange: Colours
Emerald Web: Flight of the Raven
TV On The Radio: Modern Romance
Baths: Loveheart
Odd Nosdam: Untitled (2)
Various Productions: Hater
Seefeel: Faults
Brenda Ray: D’Ya hear Me
Pastels / Tenniscoats: Two Sunsets

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