1. hey i took a lot of photoes for your show in florence of the nextech festival, but i don’t know how to send them to you..

    • hello xin!! thanks for your comment! please send the photos to “info-at-lalipuna.de” – we will enjoy seeing them!! xxx, lali puna

  2. hi xin! i was also in florence and i will be happy if you can share the photo with other fans like me. do you any idea how to get your photo?

  3. I saw you tonight at the Garage London. I am pretty much speechless. Thank you very much.

  4. I just come out from your gig in Paris @ la Maroquinerie. You gave us soooo much pleasure. Speachless is a good word to say how we I feel !
    Thanks so much for your music !

    Vincent Soleil
    (the guy who shouted “Merci”) <:0)

  5. What about Spain???? You have a lot of fans here, and we don’t understand why you have been more than 5 years without coming!!


  6. If youre coming to England on your new tour extension ++++ Bristols a good city’ as you know.

  7. Saw you and talked to you on poland 2003! How about back to Portugal, no good memories?
    Loved to see you again

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