Well, we have to admit: Lali Puna did sort of a hibernation – due to other projects or simply: diapers… But with the new year we have new plans, so we will take up work again. We hope you’re still out there! Wishing you all the best for 2012, Lali Puna

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Radioplay “MYA – Million Years Ago”

We worked on a radioplay with the german writer Andreas Neumeister. It is called “MYA – Über die Zukunft des Kapitalismus war alles bekannt”. You can listen to it on Sunday Nov. 21, 15.00 or Monday Nov. 22, 20.30 (german time) on Bayern2 Livestream:

You can also download it for seven days here:
And if you’re still a good old CD-buyer: It will be released on intermedium records.

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Tomorrow you can listen to a radioshow where Lali Puna just play female musicians: Listen to great songs from Takako Minekawa, Wendy & Bonnie, Ithaca, Delia Derbyshire, Margo Guryan and many others. (Unfortunately it’s only in german language…): Saturday, 11.05 pm on Bayern2 Livestream:


Here is the playlist:

01 Takako Minekawa – Fantastic Cat, 1996
02 Ali Babki – Szari Kolor Twoich Oczu, 1969
03 Margo Guryan – Sunday Morning, 1967
04 Nancy Priddy – You’ve Come This Way Before, 1968
05 Wendy & Bonnie – The Winter Is Cold, 1969
06 Ithaca – Dreams, 1973
07 Le Tigre – Hot Topic, 1999
08 The Honeymoon Killers – Histoire A Suivre, 1981
09 Delia Derbyshire – Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00“,
10 Mort Garson feat. Suzie Jane Hokum –
I’ve been over the Rainbow (The Wozard of Iz), 1968
11 Laurie Anderson – O Superman, 1982

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Back home

We’re back home again!! Big thanks to everybody who came and made this a special tour!!!!! Thanks specially to Bologna – we hope we can come back, so that everybody who couldn’t get in, can see the concert. It was a special evening. Thanks for the flowers and football-feeling in Paris! Love, Lali Puna

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Tour starts today

Rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing… And now we are ready to go to Regensburg – with keyboards, lots of computers and a pony. We look forward seing you somewhere on this tour!! Stop by and say hello!

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