Well, we have to admit: Lali Puna did sort of a hibernation – due to other projects or simply: diapers… But with the new year we have new plans, so we will take up work again. We hope you’re still out there! Wishing you all the best for 2012, Lali Puna


  1. Que bueno que están activos! espero con ansias su nuevo disco.

    P.D. Vengan a México!

  2. off course we are, one of my favorite bands, hope u deliver a new album this year, please do that, dont keep us waiting another 2 or 3 years for that to happen… by the way, what happened to your friends at morr music, ms john soda??? i love them also

  3. i wish the same for you and hope for a new album in 2012 too… i just love lali puna, come to Brazil!

  4. YES! More LALI PUNA!

    I agree with the other commenter on Ms. John Soda. What happened to that?

  5. Hi! I’m from Russia. The city of Volgograd, it was earlier called “Stalingrad”.

    I’m listening to you right now. I like you. ike music, Like mood, Like wonderful vocal. I just want to tell you that it’s brilliant that you are exist in the universe.

    I’m sorry, I torrented your music. But I promise to buy all your albums when I become richer :o )

    “Safe Tomorrow” and “Bi-Pet” – songs that I will never forget (althou I still don’t know what they are about :о)))))).

    I’m 25 and now I’m trying to change my life and become a musician. I hope someday I can perform on one stage with you. And I believe that one’s favorite music depends on his mind and soul, so I think I’d like to have friends like you.

    Thank you very much and best wishes.

  6. yes! visit berlin please. i moved to berlin from the US and thought i could see your live!

  7. Hi LP. This is yoyo from Shanghai, China. It’s so great that to know your new album gonna be released in 2012. Looking forward to it! It will be cool ,if Lali Puna could come Shanghai to give a show in the near future! Love U ^3^

  8. Hello from kiev. Your music is wonderful, I’m waiting your new album and a concert in the capital of Ukraine.

  9. Lali Puna makes my mind melt, my heart swell and my rump shake.

    Hoping for some juicy new tunes from you beautiful people.


  10. Good to hear from you. Other fresh parents are growing out from diapers soon as well and waiting to have you back. Another gig in Poland is most welcome!

  11. Are you coming to Brighton again? Soon??
    Arghhh I can’t wait to have some news from you.

  12. Hey Guys! Faking the books, 602 and Nin-Com-Pop are the royalty! Hope to see you in Brussels, or even in the Central-Europe, I will be there!

  13. It happens to the best of us, and we are still here…

    Yes pease come to Brighton, UK with wonderful new and old music.

  14. Congartulations!!! Can’t wait to buy it..at the moment enjoying some of the new tracks in my favorite radio station Siglo 21 (Radio 3)

    Come to London!!

  15. Congrats on the new addition! Can’t wait to hear the new album! But come back & play in San Francisco, CA USA!

  16. I like a lot your music… with other 3 friends we used to listen your albums, and was kinda inspiration for the music we made some years ago… yesterday I found the original Cd of Faking the books , and that makes some great remembers back…. it was impossible to not get that CD….now, is 2am in Lima, Peru…and I listen this marvelous music…thanks a lot ..hope Lali Puna make more god music…

    cheers and good times.

  17. Hey…what’s happened to you guys? It’s been almost a year since word! Are you going to post another New Year’s message…and that’s it? I hope to see you back performing in New York in new year…maybe? Yes!!

  18. I don’t mind waiting, your music is worth it.
    Looking forward to more whenever you get around to it.

    ps- speaking of diapers, you are my 2 year old son’s favorite music.
    We play one of your albums every bathtime, and he always gets really quiet when they play- there or elsewhere… You’ve been an invaluable tool during fussy fits- we will put you on in the car or on the tv through the xbox-youtube connection. He identifies your songs with his own titles, based on the videos. “That Day” is the “falling down shapes” song, “Our Inventions” is “the heart song”, “Move On” is the “peeling tomatoes {sic} song”, and “faking the books” is “count to ten”, due to the numbers in the corners of the screen on that video.
    A big thank you for making your wonderful music. You were one of my favorite bands before I had a child, but now you’ve also proved to have extraordinary utility in parenting.
    Love from Portland, Oregon, USA

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