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  1. Hi, thanks for the awesome night in rome last saturday. For me it was the second time (first in 2002 at classico village… so time ago)
    is there any chance to have the tracklist? At least the name of the very last song of the encore.
    Thank you for your music.

  2. Tonight in Rome it was magic, my electric dream of twenties came true in my thirties, and it was like going back to… myself. Thank you so much for your deeply emotional sound, for your sweet melodies and lyrics, for your elegant coolness, for the warm truth that your music reveals.

  3. Hi

    I am Gianni Bianchi

    I am the Artistic director of a Music festival in Italy which takes place in Tuscany ,around Firenze in july.

    The name of the festival is “Festival delle colline” and is an old and famous festival, next edition is the 40th.
    Last edition : Calexico,Rodrigo Amarante,Grant lee phillips and many others.
    I like to have some information to organize a concert of Lali Puna
    Can you please send me some information about? price,availability for july in italy?


    best regard

    Gianni Bianchi

  4. Dear Lali Puna,

    I am a culture-loving journalist from Slovakia and I currently work as an volunteer for NGO called United Societies of Balkans in Thessaloniki. During my stay in Greece, I have decided to make a documentary movie that would like to fulfill an ambitious task of deeply exploring the phenomenon of Greek mythology as well as its traces in contemporary society.

    In this connection I would like to ask you, if it would be possible to use some parts of the songs of your making as a musical accompaniment within the documentary that I am currently working on (specifically parts of the track Fast Forward (flowchart remix)). In case that you would agree, I would naturally credit all the necessary information about your music in the final part of the documentary movie in order to make sure that audience would not misunderstand any of it as a product of my making. I am looking forward to your answer and I wish you a nice summer.

    All the best,

    Filip Grac

  5. Thank you for the wonderful music, you have been such a great influence in my life; like a long-distance counselor. If you ever happen to come to Australia, I’ll be there.

    Much love and blessings – can’t wait to hear more of your work.

  6. Please come to Singapore some day!

    My wife and I LOVE your music and you’re on our daily playlist!

    It’ll be a dream to catch you live.

  7. Hi,
    I am Andrea Mortolini, art director of Perugia’s Rework/Arci Club.
    I’ve seen you got some tour dates in Italy during the summer and we would like to have you live at a festival we’re promoting in July/August.
    The venue will be a medieval castle located in the natural park of Lago Trasimeno’s Polvese Island. In the park there is also a beatiful villa for the artist’s accomodation.
    If you’re intrested you could send us your fee and request so we can evaluate if it is possible work on this project.
    Thank you, looking forward to see you soon.

    Andre Mortolini

  8. Will you be performing in other US cities besides at SXSW? It would be great if you can swing through San Francisco. The Swedish American Music Hall would love to host you guys! BTW…your band is awesome!

  9. Come to Brooklyn, NY–Baby’s Alright is the perfect venue for you! Or Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan or Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn or Rough Trade in Brooklyn.

      1. LALI PUNA!!!!!

        You have a huge fan base in Montreal! Artists paint to your sound.
        Please make a North American visit in 2018 to promote your wonderful

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