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  1. Hi guys

    I’m from Mexico and i’m big fan of yours, your work is AMAZING. We hope you’ll make soon our dream to see you live in Mexico.

    Thank you for the music =D

  2. I’ve just “discovered” your music, thanks to a mate on Facebook. I’m lost in your subdued, soul-melting voice, and incredible rhythms and backing sounds. Take a (small) risk, fly a long way to the other side of the planet, and see how much Melbourne, Australia loves innovative music.

  3. Son Increibles!!!!!
    They are amazing your music is wonderful…..Please come to Colombia, here I wait with love !!!!!

  4. please come to Japan for once, summer festivals would be the perfect venue. you are fairly well known over here. holy fuck played fuji rock in naeba in 2009, but ever since hardly a western electro-pop band touched foot on our island. please come to distract the J from its earthquake troubles.

  5. Please come to Brazil!! São Paulo will be more than happy to have you. Untill you do, keep us on the loop and keep up the amazing work 🙂


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