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  1. Siempre recordaré las pequeñas cosas y los grandes conciertos. Os vimos en Zagreb junto a Xiu Xiu por sorpresa y nos emocionamos. Gracias

  2. Thanks for your wonderful show yesterday in Turin and for being so friendly during the meet&greet =)
    Now it’s time for a live album/dvd!

  3. You guys are one of my favorite bands for years now. please try and come to nyc. your music makes me feel awesome! and if you dont come, i guess i will have to come to one of your shows in europe, and can make a trip out of it. with the highlight being your show.. i can feel the goosebumps now..
    much love.. =D

  4. WOW! I just came from your concert in Ljubljana.Beautiful music, unforgetable.Hope to hear you again sometime. All the best, Nina

  5. I had the very good fortune to get time off work & travel down from Bath for the Brighton gig. What a marvalious gig it was, not just a promotion for the new album, but plenty of songs from the past. It was spot on & sharp but real live music & real good vocals . I didn’t realise such a mild sounding group could belt out such a big sound.

  6. war gestern auf dem konzert im ekko in utrecht/nl: kleine location, alternatives flair und unglaublich schoene musik! so wie ich euch vor gefuehlten 100 jahren im akw in wuerzburg zum ersten mal gesehen habe … nur noch besser. danke fuer den schoenen abend!

  7. War gestern beim Konzert in Berlin, ich war total begeistert, vielen Dank für diesen großartigen Auftritt! Ich freue schon jetzt auf weitere Konzerte von Euch!

  8. I am writing from Singapore. How much are the tickets for Frankfurt show, 22MAY2010? Where can I purchase the tickets?


  9. Hello,

    After the cancelled date in Paris (Furia Festival), does Lali Puna will play in Paris anyway ?? That will be nice !!

    Vielen dank fur ihre neue LP !!


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