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  1. I met you in Napoli several years ago. you played at Neapolis festival when no one still knew you. I completely felt in love with the sound of voice of Valerie ( she signed my cd of tridecoder with a nice cartoon of her face πŸ˜€ and I also had a friendly speech with her)and music of LALI PUNA. so PLEASE come back to ITALY!!

  2. Hello there! I have just noticed that your tour is missing a super important stop: ITALY! I can assure you that Bologna would be a very cool place to host one of your concerts! Just give it a thought!

  3. Please please come to Spain (Madrid)!!! I love the good music, specially the music the sound of lali Puna…It’s so so so exciting, emotional, so cool!!!

  4. We had the pleasure of seeing Lali Puna perform in Cambridge, Massachusetts a few years ago. Impatiently awaiting your return! πŸ™‚

  5. Your songs have such a strong atmosphere… They must be really something live! Please come to Czech Republic, Valerie ^^!

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