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  1. Hello,

    My name is Gabriel Jacquel, I am an animation film director and a great admirer of your work.

    I have been listening to the music of your band, Lali Puna, for over twenty years.

    And when I was asked to talk about the soundtrack for my next film, I thought it would be really nice to work with you.

    But at that time I didn’t realise how connected our two worlds could be.

    I am currently writing an animated film about a little cat who spends his first night out. On his way he meets a big dog who tells him how to survive the night.

    It is a tale of initiation that speaks of the loss of one’s mother, of the memories that inhabit us and of the redemption of an executioner. All this in 26 minutes of animation aimed at children, but not only.

    After having directed a short cartoon film that uses musical instruments to make its characters speak, I directed the clips for Philippe Cohen Solal’s latest album, Outsider.

    Music has always had a very important place in my creations.

    It is in this process of connection between music and images that I wanted to contact you.

    As mentioned above, the mother is a character who is both absent and everywhere at the same time.
    It is through music, song and light that I would like to bring this character to life throughout the film.

    Your beautiful voice, soft, calm, full of compassion is for me the perfect incarnation of the kitten’s mother. This voice is there to guide him, to help him sleep, to help him remember.

    Listening to your album Our inventions again, I was surprised to hear how the lyrics of your music seemed to describe my film. As if my brain knew it before I even realised it.

    If you have time and feel like it, I can send you the dossier of my film.

    So if the project speaks to you, we could exchange on it.

    Thank you again for the time you have taken to read this long email and the file.

    Have a nice day


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