Lali Puna need your help

We want to do a short video for “Hostile to me – rmx by Cornelius” and we need your help: Please film stuff that is broken or gets crashed. You can use your smartphone or little fotocamera, it can be really trashy. Please don’t hurt yourself or anybody else, ok :-)
Please send it via ‘’ to:

Thank you!!



    • Ups, don’t know. We thought it should be small trashy clips :-) On what size have you thought? Thanks, best, Lali Puna

  1. hi! so…what do you mean? and what you prefer? today, i have photos but i can take camera…could it be a bad, old trash? sth like destroy an environment?

  2. Hello Lali Puna! You’re so great. Excuse me, my english isn’t very good. So I have to say thank you for your amazing sound. It make my day!
    It’s so damn crazy how I found you. I was chilling on instagram and looked at the tag “Wei
    lheim”. A girl posted a picture with this strange bunny, which is in every picture of your songs. So I thought this is crazy and listened to the song “clear cut”. At first I thought: What da Fu** is this? I closed the Youtube-window, because I get scared. But the song didnt get out of my head, so I opened the youtube-window again… And I realized, this song will be the number one in my playlist. So, today looked a little bit about your songs and your homepage. Than I read: You’re from Weilheim!! Gosh, this was so crazy!! What a coincidence, because I am from Weilheim too. I couldn’t believe it!
    I love your music so much!
    in Love Lisa

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